Earlier this year I captured a wedding north of Bath in the small town of Tetbury. Kelly and James are two of the loveliest people I think I have ever met; both of whom were kind spirited and quite calm considering it being their wedding day. They were married at the Hare and Hounds, a small hotel, with picturesque grounds.

I met James and his groomsmen wandering around the grounds, keen to stay well out of sight of the bridal suite, should Kelly be looking out the window. In the time before the ceremony I enjoyed watching (and capturing photos) of the boys struggling to get their buttonholes to stay upright on their suit jackets! There was a good bit of banter with everyone getting everyone excited for the day ahead.

As we awaited Kelly’s grand arrival for the ceremony to begin, I noticed that James looked a touch nervous. But those nerves quickly disappeared as he laid his eyes upon Kelly for the first time that day as she walked down the aisle. A string quartet played beautifully in the background as James and Kelly signed the registry, making their marriage official. Laughter and cheers erupted as the couple had their first kiss.

During cocktail hour, just as we finished the family and wedding party photos, the skies opened up and we all headed indoors. After capturing the all-important candid photographs of guests, I turned my attention to the reception and getting shots of the details that Kelly and James had thoughtfully put together. The reception room in the Hare and Hounds is big and bright which always makes me very happy as good lighting and photography go hand in hand. An added bonus was off to one side; a glorious three-tiered cake which was made by Kelly’s family, what a talent! I made my own wedding cake so it’s always lovely to meet people who share the same passions as I do.

Thankfully the dark skies soon passed to make way for a glorious sunset. I head outside for a few pictures with James, Kelly and their two children. The “golden hour”, as we photographers call it, lasted just long enough for the guests to join us for a fabulous confetti photo.

As day turned to night the wedding breakfast began and the celebrations continued.
It was a lovely day with James and Kelly and I think a great example of the photos I took perfectly capturing the personalities of a great couple and love for one another.

Congratulations Kelly and James!