Last year in June I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding that took place at Standerwick Court Farm, which is just outside of Bath. Fellow residents of the west country, Jack and Laura, were so much fun to photograph.

When I arrived at The Bell Pub in Standerwick and I found a few of Jack’s Groomsmen already a couple of pints in, I knew it was going to be a fun day! It wasn’t long before Jack arrived in a 1970’s Chevy Camaro. Sharing his enthusiasm for classic cars, I made sure that we got plenty of images of Jack in the Chevy.

Standerwick Court Farm has a wide-open, hay filled barn with a marque attached at the rear. This large open barn allows light to flood through into the room which isn’t something that we Wedding Photographers often have the luxury of during the ceremony. The farm has many picturesque areas to take the bride and groom off for the couple’s photos.

Laura walked down the aisle with a great big grin on her face as she spotted her husband-to-be. The civil ceremony was sweet and intimate with just over 70 guests. The barn soon broke out in a cheer as Jack and Laura had their first kiss.

Taking inspiration from the television program ‘The Great British Bake Off’ Jack and Laura had their guests bring a dessert along with them to be judged. Looking at the endless cakes, biscuits and sweets that everyone brought with them I’m not sure that they needed a Wedding Cake as well!

As they started their First Dance I noticed that they had both changed their formal footwear for something a little more comfortable, but what made it so incredible is that their shoes seemed to light up to the beat of the music, brilliant!

It was another fantastic day photographing such an endearing couple on their wedding day.

Being so close to Bath I hope that I’ll return to Standerwick shortly to photograph another wedding!